2016! A new year with lots to come!

Happy new year! It was a good year for us in 2015! From our bands at Boomtown to the Lords of Lightning show at Arcadia’s show in Bristol we’ve had a lot of fun making films for a variety of clients.

Most recently before Christmas we produced the first three episodes for a new Web-series, Mrs Mcmoon. We filmed at Wells Way Pop up studio in London to film for the majority of the episodes and the rest out and about in London. The show’s purpose is to apply to both adults and children alike to break through from today’s kids TV which tends to lean more towards just the children.

It’s all begun! The start if day 1 shooting the new webseries Mrs Mcmoon! #mrsmcmoon #wellswayup

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We are nearing the end of our editing for this one and are excited to get it up and online! We have a lot of interesting projects coming up in the following months along with a new logo for the new year. Be sure to check back regularly as we now plan to update every week if we can. So once again Happy New Year and look forward to next week’s edition. Here’s a lovely (if slightly blurry) photo taken by the talent of Mrs Mcmoon of us to kick off the new year.