Our new logo and why video over other types of marketing?

Happy to announce our new logo has arrived! We are still in the process of applying it to all aspects of the company but here’s a look at the new design. BG-Test-3

Designed by Rory Leeton a brilliant website and logo designer. We worked together on the concept of using concentric circles that would move independently from one another which they do in the animated version. If you’re ever updating a logo or brand image I would highly recommend getting someone outside of your business to do it. With the ability to look inside the business from an outsider’s perspective they’re not clouded by any ego and can take an objective approach to the project. We’re really happy with how it’s come out and you can find Rory’s contact on his Linkedin here.


We’ve also moved our way into full project comprised of animation! Noticing how there are a ton of infographics and articles out there explaining the benefits of video we thought it best to animate these statistics to make for a more engaging experience. Mainly pulling our research from Ciscos’s forecast for network activity over the next few years which can be found here, we looked to make something that anyone can watch, understand and apply to their business. Have a watch and let us know what you think!