Safety Videos, musical madness and a trip to Liverpool!

Blacklight ventured north recently as we were asked to film the Liverpool Business Fair at the Anfield football stadium. As well as filming we were also asked if we would like to exhibit ourselves. We jumped at the opportunity and after teaming up with Clip Display to create a display we had our very own exhibition space!


We had a great time in Liverpool and hope to be back again next year! After our venture to the North it was back to Cardiff with our friends at Infinity to film a safety video. This will act as a safety briefing allowing the company to put less strain on their staff and let the video do most the work. Using one of the Safety Marshalls as a presenter and a couple of morph suit equipped demonstrators, we were good to go! The film isn’t available online yet so you’d be best to just go check out the park and see for yourself! For those who can’t wait here’s a couple of screenshots from the finished film.

IMG_20160323_201005 Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.57.46 Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.57.24 Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.56.51

After having our fun on the trampolines in the day it was onto some music in the night as we had three shoots over the bank holiday weekend. First we made our way to Lakota to film a promotional video for Gorilla Tactics, a Drum n’ bass/Jungle night in Bristol featuring some of the biggest names in Jungle. The next day we were at Thekla capturing Laura Kidd’s stellar performance at her Album Launch to celebrate the release of Direction of Travel. An amazing gig and a good looking live video should come from it so another thing to look forward to! Finally on the Sunday we rejoined Laura Kidd to shoot her newest music video for the song, Cold Shoulder. A very silly video so essentially we had a really silly day!


All in all the music video was a welcome finish to a busy weekend and we even managed to catch a spot of sun before the weekend was finally over 🙂