Summer of Fun!

It’s been quite a busy summer here at Blacklight! We have been travelling around the country filming, and here are a few of our adventures thus far!

We have been very lucky and proud to work alongside Made in Bristol on one of their environmental films which were shown at City to Sea, a televised event which hopes to prevent marine litter.


Through these four short films, the videos bring light to the amount of plastic waste in the ocean and how it is affecting wildlife through the use of poetry. We felt these videos had a unique element to them by combining video and the spoken word, but also removing contact with a human face with an animals which added to the cause and reminds watchers to the issue at hand.


Blacklight worked solely in post production on this project, we came in to stitch together the edit so that it flowed together, and added final touches with a colour grade to emphasize the mood and feel of the films, altogether making the short videos aesthetically pleasing when being screened.


Alongside this, we were lucky enough to work with Laura Kidd again, filming her music video for ‘Drown Me Out.’ We had a number of different locations which included filming in Leigh Woods and also Chew Valley Lake which will make for some really pretty footage.


Filming in Leigh Woods was also quite exceptional, not only did we get some amazing shots but we also were able to see the beautiful ‘Withdrawn’ exhibition by Luke Jerram, which consists of abandoned fishing boats in the woodland. This art installation tackles thoughts of climate change, extreme weather and our impact on the marine environment.

11713365_10155970280525105_671559208_nEvery time we work with Laura we have a great time and we hope to work with her again in the future!

Just a short update here on things we have worked on, there is more to come, so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new projects!