A fresh theatre promo and the start of a short doc in Somerset!

It’s been a great week at Blacklight. We’ve recently released our promotional video for the Brighton based theatre company Wildheart & Lyric for their latest show Wolfmeat!

We were tasked with essentially creating a short film based around the story and characters of the play. Mella Faye, one of the lead roles in the play presented us the script and we got to work. Originally taking influence from this years Birdman we first attempted to go for a one shot wonder filming in a Black box studio in London.

When it came to the edit though the pacing of the script it lead to the promo being over 3 minutes long. So we approached it much like the video we did for Artbars.

Using the same style of pacing the cuts to the music we managed to bring the video to life. Using an unusual track given to us by the theatre we were able to add the flair the video needed to really grab peoples attention. We also filmed in Somerset last week for Unilever’s recent film competition on the brief of showing a personal connection to a tree. No in depth details as of yet but here’s a couple snaps of us shooting last week to get an idea of what to look forward to!

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