Painting with food! Our shoot with Nathan Wyburn

From Simon Cowell in toothpaste to the Queen in toast, there doesn’t seem to be a famous figure or food Nathan Wyburn hasn’t painted or painted with. We had the terrific opportunity to see him work firsthand during our collaboration with Deliveroo for the release of their Breakfast in Cardiff.

We worked alongside Deliveroo on their idea. It would be a mix of timelapse and promotional footage featuring Nathan painting with food to announce the beginning of Deliveroo’s breakfast in Cardiff. So it was off to Wales praying it wouldn’t rain. While half the crew went with the Deliveroo riders the other half stayed with Nathan to set up the time lapse as he prepared to begin his work. He would be painting three Welsh football stars using breakfast items from an full english breakfast. A really friendly chatty guy, Nathan was fantastic to work with and was more than used to having the cameras on him so made for an enjoyable shoot.


After a few hours of chasing Deliveroo cyclists while the rest desperately wanting to eat all the artwork he was finished. Check out the finished piece at the bottom of this post and see  We wish Nathan all the best in his future projects. Be sure to check his other work at