Reigniting the 80s with our work on The Beat’s new album, BOUNCE

Shortly before our work at Boomtown festival we were asked by DMF records to work with a big 80s band who were making a comeback. The band was The Beat, famous for their unmistakeable 2-Tone Ska sound which resonated with many around the world touring with the likes of David Bowie, The Clash, The Specials and many more.


Understandably we were pretty excited by the chance to work with such an influential band and we got to working on the first video right away.

To mark the release of the new album we’d be producing three videos. The first would announce the new album, the second to keep interest leading up to the release and the third would be published around the time of the new album hitting the shelves. The first music video was for the song “Walking on the Wrong Side”. We would film in various locations around Bristol to the lead singer Ranking Roger lip syncing the vocals. The videos were not required to be concept heavy. They just had to be simple and effective. Check out the video below.

Needless to say the reaction was phenomenal. The video posted to facebook was up to over a hundred thousands views in the first week, that number is now just over a quarter of a million. The comments  were lighting up with longtime fans and lovers of The Beat loving the long awaited return of this fantastic group of artists.

The second video was to be purely a lyric video for the song “Avoid the Obvious. Animated lyrics would appear on screen to highlight the lyrics of the song. We created the entire video in Adobe After Effects individually animating every word of the song. A arduous task but immensely rewarding once the video is watched as an entire piece. Check it out below.

Finally we were primed to make our final video. The song was “Heaven Hiding”. A change of pace in terms of style, this song deviated away from the 2-tone genre the other songs represent. So this had to reflect in the video. They wanted the video to feature Ranking Roger on rollerskates. At first we were fairly surprised by this request to say the least until we found out that Roger regularly speed skates and is one of his favourite hobbies. Roger was to be accompanied by two other female skaters.

We found a company which provides exactly that, The Rollagirls. A group of wildly talented girls who perform on rollerskates. So we were off to Birmingham where The Beat was founded to shoot the video. A great day with a lot of laughs and some great locations we had gotten everything we needed and made the journey back to Bristol.

Throughout these shoots we worked closely with the main singer Ranking Roger. An absolute pleasure to work with. Professional and incredibly accommodating we really hope to work with Roger again in the future and wish him all the best on his tour with the release of the new album. DMF records were really happy with the work we’d done. With the album reaching 25# in the charts in the UK around the time of it’s release the project was a resounding success. Below is the last video we produced for The Beat check it out and be sure to check out the rest of the new album BOUNCE.