Blacklight learns to cook! Our work with Michelin star chef John Campbell for The Woodspeen

Our work at Blacklight takes us to a range of different businesses and people which is what makes it so rewarding. Every now and then though we’ll enter situations which we would never have seen ourselves in. Our work with The Woodspeen Cookery School was one of those experiences.


The stunning Woodspeen Cookery School

Situated in scenic Newbury, The Woodspeen Cookery school is part of The Woodspeen Kitchen; a welcoming restaurant serving high quality seasonal food with a team of dedicated and friendly staff. We were asked to create a promotional video for the cookery school. They wanted a video to illustrate the experience of going on one of the cooking courses lead by the head chef and owner, John Campbell.


John can only be described as a man with a furious passion for good food. With a focus on good quality ingredients and simple cooking John stands by his belief that anyone can cook a great high quality meal.  In order for us to capture the feeling of being on one of his many cooking courses we were invited to take part in one. What we found was an engaging and enjoyable experience. John works to accommodate for everyone allowing for an open dialogue between the student and the teacher.

After attending the course we knew that it was the engagement and passion of the course that should shine through in the video. We attended another course but this time with our cameras, aiming to capture these elements as John did his work. In the end John and The Woodspeen where very happy with the result. We went for a cinematic feel, attempting to lead the audience through music and dialogue to create a video that leaves the viewers wanting to know more. A massive thanks to the Woodspeen for having us and we look forward to our ongoing work with them in the future.